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Rett Ashby

Born in 1961 in the small town of Rigby, Idaho, Ashby learned the basics of fine art from his mother, Sandra Ashby, a professional watercolorist. As a youth he copied each of her paintings. He continued his art education at Weber and Utah State Universities. Rett painted under the artists: Harrison Groutage, Glen Edwards and LeConte Stewart. He is influenced by textures, surroundings, and the hard and soft lines found in landscapes as he continues to experiment and hone his own style.

“When it comes to painting, it is about the process for me. Releasing the paint to do as it will…..reacting, rather than controlling. I have always preferred the landscape because there is so much to react to. I hope the viewer can place one’s self in the painting and travel about in it.”

Represented By Galleries In: Scottsdale, AZ; Saint George, UT; White Fish, MT; Jackson, WY;  Prineville, OR