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Michael Knapek

From a young age in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Michael has drawn, painted or sculpted from his imagination, the environment or people around him.   Always working on new projects, if you do find Michael sitting, he will often be found with a pencil in his hand, sketching.  Those illustrations often serve as concepts for his next sculpture.

As Michael moved around the country, developing his skills, he delved into both the technical and artistic sides of bronze casting. He has spent over 20 years in the industry, learning all aspects of the process.  Thus, allowing him to fine tune each piece of artwork using his detailed knowledge of bronze casting.

After his extensive travels, Michael settled in Oregon in 2015.  Since then, he has visited iconic locations throughout the state, and imagined those scenes captured in bronze.  While on-site he began sketching concepts for new artwork. Using those illustrations he developed bronze wall reliefs, representing the ever changing landscape of Oregon. 


This body of work represents a snapshot in time, as the landscapes, waterfalls and mountains will always change, but the sculptures will remain captured in bronze forever.