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Ralph James

Ralph James lives in Virginia, and attended a high school art school, and then graduated from Indiana University majoring in music and minoring in art. Also having a passion for the visual arts, Ralph’s artistic inspiration came from his father who was an artist as well as an architect and structural engineer. It took local art seminars and other artists to push him to become the exquisite artist he is today. He cred-its Heiner Hertling for introducing him to oil painting; which led to teachings by John and Susie Seerey-Lester; and weekly drawing classes with Scott Burdick and Susan Lyon, all of which inspired him to stretch his ability.

Deeply in love with nature’s habitat, Ralph has been inspired by the Appalachian mountains and the Outer Banks area. The woods and fields surrounding the family farm deeply imbedded images of the wildlife in the seasonal changes.

“In some way, our identity in life is determined by what and how we communicate with our world. Painting is one of those ways I use to reflect what is within me and interact with and touch those around me. It is how I express my passion, love, fear, hope and humor. Indeed, my art contains all of these...some apparent...some hidden.

“I found myself in Georgia O’Keeffe’s statement, ‘I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for’.”

Represented By Galleries In: North Carolina (3), Washington, South Carolina and Rimrock Gallery in Oregon